The rooms


We enter, the sole received by the fleece of a carpet with large graphic shapes, none of which are alike. 

The headboards are a set of ovals compiled horizontally and crossed by the iconic lamp of the hotel seen on the ground floor. Her name is "L'Hypocrite" because it was drew by Daphné Desjeux and Dorothée Delaye; they amused themselves by giving names of ugly faults to these pretty luminaries. They do not like to take themselves too seriously.


The closet marries the corners of the walls. It is lined with textured wallpaper that reminds of woven and whitened rattan.

He responds in form and color to the office. A half round in the same material and resting, as in balance, on a white marble desk and foot oval monopod in black metal.

It is lit by a globe that seems to be older than us. It allows us to see clearly and to dial a number from the wall phone which also reminds us of a bygone era.

Three themes: gray and dark orange, night gray and khaki, kamel and green pine tree.

Social wall