Our board games

Our board games



For those of you who like to think, we have just the thing, the inevitable Scrabble. Of course, you know us by now, so you can guess that we haven't put in an ordinary Scrabble, but a real game from fifty years ago. A real little treasure.


But don't worry, we have thought of everyone. You can play Lotto! Here's something for the lucky ones. A timeless game of chance, you will once again find an antique Lotto with real wooden chips. How can we not include the game of checkers? Impossible to forget! A real checkerboard in the original colours to work out your greatest strategies. So who will be the queen or king of the Planque? If you are a fan of the series "Le jeu de la Dame", this is for you!


A simpler but methodical game: dominoes. Face your opponent with a game of dominoes and you're done! And finally, we have the classic card game where you can play your best games. Card games, a kem's, a louse, a solitaire or a battle, it's up to you!


Be careful, no bad players!